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Super Metroid is probably one of the best game franchises that Nintendo has published. Back in the early days of the Nintendo game consoles, a lot of people really loved the Super Metroid games.

It is simple yet complex in some parts. And, you get to control one of the most badass characters in side-scrolling shooting games, Samus Aran.

Today, I am going to talk about the Metroid Prime Game for the Nintendo Gamecube. This is the first game where the Metroid series took on the first-person approach as opposed to the side-scrolling scheme we were used to.

The story starts when Samus Aran got a distress signal from the Orpheon, a space pirate ship. In the ship, she battles genetically modified organisms which are quite powerful, but nothing that she can’t handle.

After reaching the ship’s core, she came across the Parasite Queen. This Parasite Queen is responsible for the proliferation of the Parasites that were scattered around the ship.

After defeating the Parasite Queen, the Queen falls into the ship’s reactor prompting the self-destruct sequence of the frigate.

During Samus escape attempt, her suit was damaged due to a powerful electrical surge. This prompted her to wear her original power suit. She also plots a course towards a nearby planet called the “Tallon IV”.

Upon her arrival on the planet, she explored it and came upon the Chozo Ruins. This is what remains of the previous civilization called the “Chozo”.

Apparently, there was a huge meteor that struck the planet and with it comes an unknown substance which they call as the “Phazon”.

Phazon was not the only thing that landed on the planet as the meteor also brought with it a creature known only as “The Worm”.

Because of the threat of the Phazon and the Worm, both of these foreign matter were concealed in an Artifact temple.

The only way for people (and the Chozo) to access the Artifact Temple is by using the twelve Chozo artifacts.

After the course of the game (where Samus gains some power suit improvements), Samus goes to the Phazon Mines.

In the Phazon mines, she finds out that this was the base of operations of the space pirates and here too, are the phazon-enhanced space pirates as well.

After battling with the big boss in this mines, Samus obtained the Phazon suit. In her final pursuit, Samus uses the twelve Chozo artifacts to put a stop to the Worm, who has been supplying all of the Phazon all along.

The Metroid Prime Game for the Nintendo Gamecube is the first game in the series that dons a first-person perspective. After much backlash, fans and critics alike actually praised the game.

You will control Samus Aran, a bounty hunter, and she will mostly be controlled using the first-person perspective.

Once she transforms into a ball (thanks to her suit), you will then be able to control her using the third-person perspective.

Much like the Metroid games of old, Samus can traverse different parts of the Tallon IV by going through tunnels.

Since this is the first Metroid game that uses the first-person perspective, there is a new lock-on mechanism that allows you to aim at enemies with ease.

Furthermore, Samus also has different power suit modifications that do a lot of different things and they are pivotal should you want to finish the game.

The Metroid Prime Game for the Nintendo Gamecube is a really good iteration of the Metroid game. Although it is not a side-scrolling shooting game anymore, it still has the allure of Samus Aran.

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