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So what is the hoverboard skate electric scooter?

Well for most people it is the internet craze that went viral, people around the world have posted videos of themselves doing tricks and more on their hoverboards, and for most these boards provide endless hours of fun from the built in electric motors. But be wary ! Some cheap imitations have caught on fire and there have been cases of houses being burnt to the ground because of these boards.

So are the hoverboards safe?

Well the simple  answer is yes. The boards that were generating the bad press were ones which did not meet the correct safety regulations, did not come with the correct safety components and thus were susceptible to going on fire. So what can I do to protect my children/ myself. Our advice would be to not choose the cheapest option and try to buyer from a seller based in the USA or EU, who can assure you that their boards have met the correct safety standards.

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