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HCG tests are done to check the health of a pregnant woman and the fetus. These tests may also be helpful in finding out whether there will be birth defects or a possible miscarriage and such. The level of HCG hormone produced in a pregnant woman determines the health of both herself and her baby. There is guidance to know what the normal level of HCG is. But, the standardised normal level varies from lab to lab. And it depends upon many factors like the mother’s age and such other aspects. So, it is better to hear it from your doctor whether your HCG level is normal or abnormal. The understanding of the results of an HCG test is mentioned here.

If the HCG level is higher than the normal level in a pregnant woman’s blood, it means that she may have a multiple pregnancy. In other words, she may have conceived a twins or triplets. A high amount of HCG also indicates that she may have a molar pregnancy or Down syndrome. Molar pregnancy is a growth of unwanted cells in her uterus which shows symptoms f an actual pregnancy.

If a man/non-pregnant woman has a high amount of HCG, it means that they may have tumours in the testicles/ovaries. If a pregnant woman has low levels of HCG, it means that she may have an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy happens when the fertilized egg is implanted in a place other than the uterus. This will cause extreme bleeding and can be life-threatening. In another scenario, a pregnant woman having a low level of HCG is more likely to be affected by a miscarriage.

There are certain situations when the HCG tests can be affected and so they may not show a reliable result. For example, if you undergo a urine test at the first week after implantation or if the urine sample is taken at the middle of the day, the test result may not show an early pregnancy. To avoid this, you can take the urine sample when you urinate for the first time in the morning. The urine samples taken in the morning or the samples taken when you urinate at least after a four hour interval will have high levels of HCG.

The HCG levels will continuously be high for four weeks after a miscarriage or a therapeutic abortion. These results should not be misunderstood. If you have got an HCG injection as a treatment for your infertility, your HCG levels will be high for several days after the injection.

There are so many such situations where you can be misled by the test results of an HCG test. So it is advised that you talk about your treatments, the medicines you are taking at present or in the recent past and the surgeries you underwent etc. to your doctor. It will be the wise way to understand the test results of your HCG tests.

hoverboard smart boards

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So what is the hoverboard skate electric scooter?

Well for most people it is the internet craze that went viral, people around the world have posted videos of themselves doing tricks and more on their hoverboards, and for most these boards provide endless hours of fun from the built in electric motors. But be wary ! Some cheap imitations have caught on fire and there have been cases of houses being burnt to the ground because of these boards.

So are the hoverboards safe?

Well the simple  answer is yes. The boards that were generating the bad press were ones which did not meet the correct safety regulations, did not come with the correct safety components and thus were susceptible to going on fire. So what can I do to protect my children/ myself. Our advice would be to not choose the cheapest option and try to buyer from a seller based in the USA or EU, who can assure you that their boards have met the correct safety standards.

Bethesda Released New Patch Ahead of Fallout 4’s Last DLC

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Fallout 4’s last DLC, Nuka World, will be available next week and Bethesda made sure that the release of game’s final downloadable content will be a smooth one.

To ensure that gamers will have a nearly bug-free experience, Bethesda Studios has released patch 1.7 ahead of Nuka World’s release.

The update brings with it a slew of fixes and improvements across the board. For example, there was a bug before that whenever you have a companion fast traveling with you, their equipment will be left behind. That has been fixed.

Ever equipped something on Dog Meat and he appears to have lost it? Well, that has been fixed as well. Now, with this patch, you can actually have Dogmeat wear all of the equipment you give him.

Also, have you ever talked to the Quartermaster only for him to lead you to certain locations where there really is nothing there? That has also been fixed.

There are a lot of fixes and improvements ranging from fast traveling issues to bugs in certain NPC interactions.

Patch 1.7 also brought with it new store art types for your workshop settlements as well. This is to further enhance what the 2 previously released DLCs, the Automatron and the Vault-TEC workshop, had to offer.

The patch also included some mods fixes as well. This patch fixed an issue where a mod’s image will not load when you’re browsing through the mods catalog. This will not give you a glimpse of what a particular mod has to offer which is pretty nice.

Back in the day, you can only disable mods when you are online (probably to sync everything from your platform to their system). But, players can now disable all mods offline. This alleviates the need for people to connect to the internet just to disable the mods in the game.

Also, there is a bug pre-patch wherein whenever the player sneaks, it would turn them invisible when there are certain mods being used. That has been fixed now with the patch. So, for players who think that they’re still invisible to the enemy’s eye, you better watch out for them now as they are going to come after you for messing with them before this patch was released.

The Patch 1.7 is centered on bug fixes in what Bethesda thinks will help the game before the release of Nuka World, which according to the gaming company, will be the last DLC update of the game.

With that being said, the game will retail for $20 as a standalone product but if you happen to have the game’s Season Pass, the game will be available for download absolutely free of charge.

Furthermore, for people who haven’t bought any of the game’s DLC, Bethesda might release an Ultimate Edition where they will release all of the game’s DLC and you only have to pay one price premium.

Anyway, Patch 1.7 is now available on the PC and on the Xbox One. Playstation 4 players might have to wait for a week to get the update on their respective platforms.

Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC update will be available on August 30, 2016, and will be available on the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 game consoles.