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HCG tests are done to check the health of a pregnant woman and the fetus. These tests may also be helpful in finding out whether there will be birth defects or a possible miscarriage and such. The level of HCG hormone produced in a pregnant woman determines the health of both herself and her baby. There is guidance to know what the normal level of HCG is. But, the standardised normal level varies from lab to lab. And it depends upon many factors like the mother’s age and such other aspects. So, it is better to hear it from your doctor whether your HCG level is normal or abnormal. The understanding of the results of an HCG test is mentioned here.

If the HCG level is higher than the normal level in a pregnant woman’s blood, it means that she may have a multiple pregnancy. In other words, she may have conceived a twins or triplets. A high amount of HCG also indicates that she may have a molar pregnancy or Down syndrome. Molar pregnancy is a growth of unwanted cells in her uterus which shows symptoms f an actual pregnancy.

If a man/non-pregnant woman has a high amount of HCG, it means that they may have tumours in the testicles/ovaries. If a pregnant woman has low levels of HCG, it means that she may have an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy happens when the fertilized egg is implanted in a place other than the uterus. This will cause extreme bleeding and can be life-threatening. In another scenario, a pregnant woman having a low level of HCG is more likely to be affected by a miscarriage.

There are certain situations when the HCG tests can be affected and so they may not show a reliable result. For example, if you undergo a urine test at the first week after implantation or if the urine sample is taken at the middle of the day, the test result may not show an early pregnancy. To avoid this, you can take the urine sample when you urinate for the first time in the morning. The urine samples taken in the morning or the samples taken when you urinate at least after a four hour interval will have high levels of HCG.

The HCG levels will continuously be high for four weeks after a miscarriage or a therapeutic abortion. These results should not be misunderstood. If you have got an HCG injection as a treatment for your infertility, your HCG levels will be high for several days after the injection.

There are so many such situations where you can be misled by the test results of an HCG test. So it is advised that you talk about your treatments, the medicines you are taking at present or in the recent past and the surgeries you underwent etc. to your doctor. It will be the wise way to understand the test results of your HCG tests.

hoverboard smart boards

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So what is the hoverboard skate electric scooter?

Well for most people it is the internet craze that went viral, people around the world have posted videos of themselves doing tricks and more on their hoverboards, and for most these boards provide endless hours of fun from the built in electric motors. But be wary ! Some cheap imitations have caught on fire and there have been cases of houses being burnt to the ground because of these boards.

So are the hoverboards safe?

Well the simple  answer is yes. The boards that were generating the bad press were ones which did not meet the correct safety regulations, did not come with the correct safety components and thus were susceptible to going on fire. So what can I do to protect my children/ myself. Our advice would be to not choose the cheapest option and try to buyer from a seller based in the USA or EU, who can assure you that their boards have met the correct safety standards.

Bethesda Released New Patch Ahead of Fallout 4’s Last DLC

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Fallout 4’s last DLC, Nuka World, will be available next week and Bethesda made sure that the release of game’s final downloadable content will be a smooth one.

To ensure that gamers will have a nearly bug-free experience, Bethesda Studios has released patch 1.7 ahead of Nuka World’s release.

The update brings with it a slew of fixes and improvements across the board. For example, there was a bug before that whenever you have a companion fast traveling with you, their equipment will be left behind. That has been fixed.

Ever equipped something on Dog Meat and he appears to have lost it? Well, that has been fixed as well. Now, with this patch, you can actually have Dogmeat wear all of the equipment you give him.

Also, have you ever talked to the Quartermaster only for him to lead you to certain locations where there really is nothing there? That has also been fixed.

There are a lot of fixes and improvements ranging from fast traveling issues to bugs in certain NPC interactions.

Patch 1.7 also brought with it new store art types for your workshop settlements as well. This is to further enhance what the 2 previously released DLCs, the Automatron and the Vault-TEC workshop, had to offer.

The patch also included some mods fixes as well. This patch fixed an issue where a mod’s image will not load when you’re browsing through the mods catalog. This will not give you a glimpse of what a particular mod has to offer which is pretty nice.

Back in the day, you can only disable mods when you are online (probably to sync everything from your platform to their system). But, players can now disable all mods offline. This alleviates the need for people to connect to the internet just to disable the mods in the game.

Also, there is a bug pre-patch wherein whenever the player sneaks, it would turn them invisible when there are certain mods being used. That has been fixed now with the patch. So, for players who think that they’re still invisible to the enemy’s eye, you better watch out for them now as they are going to come after you for messing with them before this patch was released.

The Patch 1.7 is centered on bug fixes in what Bethesda thinks will help the game before the release of Nuka World, which according to the gaming company, will be the last DLC update of the game.

With that being said, the game will retail for $20 as a standalone product but if you happen to have the game’s Season Pass, the game will be available for download absolutely free of charge.

Furthermore, for people who haven’t bought any of the game’s DLC, Bethesda might release an Ultimate Edition where they will release all of the game’s DLC and you only have to pay one price premium.

Anyway, Patch 1.7 is now available on the PC and on the Xbox One. Playstation 4 players might have to wait for a week to get the update on their respective platforms.

Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC update will be available on August 30, 2016, and will be available on the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 game consoles.

Metroid Prime Game for the Nintendo Gamecube

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Super Metroid is probably one of the best game franchises that Nintendo has published. Back in the early days of the Nintendo game consoles, a lot of people really loved the Super Metroid games.

It is simple yet complex in some parts. And, you get to control one of the most badass characters in side-scrolling shooting games, Samus Aran.

Today, I am going to talk about the Metroid Prime Game for the Nintendo Gamecube. This is the first game where the Metroid series took on the first-person approach as opposed to the side-scrolling scheme we were used to.

The story starts when Samus Aran got a distress signal from the Orpheon, a space pirate ship. In the ship, she battles genetically modified organisms which are quite powerful, but nothing that she can’t handle.

After reaching the ship’s core, she came across the Parasite Queen. This Parasite Queen is responsible for the proliferation of the Parasites that were scattered around the ship.

After defeating the Parasite Queen, the Queen falls into the ship’s reactor prompting the self-destruct sequence of the frigate.

During Samus escape attempt, her suit was damaged due to a powerful electrical surge. This prompted her to wear her original power suit. She also plots a course towards a nearby planet called the “Tallon IV”.

Upon her arrival on the planet, she explored it and came upon the Chozo Ruins. This is what remains of the previous civilization called the “Chozo”.

Apparently, there was a huge meteor that struck the planet and with it comes an unknown substance which they call as the “Phazon”.

Phazon was not the only thing that landed on the planet as the meteor also brought with it a creature known only as “The Worm”.

Because of the threat of the Phazon and the Worm, both of these foreign matter were concealed in an Artifact temple.

The only way for people (and the Chozo) to access the Artifact Temple is by using the twelve Chozo artifacts.

After the course of the game (where Samus gains some power suit improvements), Samus goes to the Phazon Mines.

In the Phazon mines, she finds out that this was the base of operations of the space pirates and here too, are the phazon-enhanced space pirates as well.

After battling with the big boss in this mines, Samus obtained the Phazon suit. In her final pursuit, Samus uses the twelve Chozo artifacts to put a stop to the Worm, who has been supplying all of the Phazon all along.

The Metroid Prime Game for the Nintendo Gamecube is the first game in the series that dons a first-person perspective. After much backlash, fans and critics alike actually praised the game.

You will control Samus Aran, a bounty hunter, and she will mostly be controlled using the first-person perspective.

Once she transforms into a ball (thanks to her suit), you will then be able to control her using the third-person perspective.

Much like the Metroid games of old, Samus can traverse different parts of the Tallon IV by going through tunnels.

Since this is the first Metroid game that uses the first-person perspective, there is a new lock-on mechanism that allows you to aim at enemies with ease.

Furthermore, Samus also has different power suit modifications that do a lot of different things and they are pivotal should you want to finish the game.

The Metroid Prime Game for the Nintendo Gamecube is a really good iteration of the Metroid game. Although it is not a side-scrolling shooting game anymore, it still has the allure of Samus Aran.

Uncharted 4

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If you love to play a game where you get to be a treasure hunter ala Indiana Jones, then I might just have the game for you.

Uncharted 4 was just recently released and it is an amazing action-adventure 3rd shooting game.

The game revolves around Nathan Drake and his adopted brother, Sam. Both of them are really good treasure hunters.

During the events of previous installments, Sam was presumed dead and Nathan was the only one left to scour for treasures hidden around the world.

After 15 years, Sam finally located where Nathan (Nate) was and he told him about a long lost treasure that they’ve searched for since their beginning days of hunting treasure.

When asked how Sam was still alive, he said that he was left to rot in a jail and was only able to escape thanks to a druglord’s help. That help didn’t come free, though, as the druglord wants Sam to get the famous treasure.

Nate was already happy with his wife, Elena, when Sam came to him. Sam knew that he needed help and the only way he can get the treasure is by employing the aid of his brother Nathan.

The game then shifts to Sam and Nathan’s adventures in search of that highly-coveted treasure.

After the events of the game, Nathan lives peacefully with his wife Elena along with their daughter, Cassie. One night, Nathan tells Cassie about all of his adventures.

Uncharted 4 is rumored to be the last installment of this amazing franchise. This game is available for the Playstation 4 and the console gave justice to the game not only from a story standpoint but also in the graphics.

As for the gameplay, Uncharted 4 is an action-adventure game where you will have a 3rd person perspective. This game has a lot of different elements: you can go stealth and avoid enemies altogether or you can shoot and kill them when necessary.

Nathan Drake has all the physical capabilities that are essential to becoming a great treasure hunter. He can run, swim, go behind enemies and kill them, and he is very adept at finding treasures.

The game is so diverse in that there are multiple paths you can choose. All of the paths can be explored and it is up to the player where he wants to go.

Also, Uncharted 4 also has massive maps that are unlike the previous installments. This is actually a good thing since this game is the last game in the franchise.

What I do love about the Uncharted 4, though, is the Multiplayer aspect. You can play solo with the help of AI teammates or you can play with other players as well.

For the solo multiplayer games, you can assign your AI teammates anything you want them to do to help you win.

For anything else, you can fight against other players. You can also use items called “Mysticals” that have untold powers. Some of these powers allow Drake to move quickly, some grant super-human strength, and so on. It is up to you to explore the niceties and complexities of the game.

I am saddened that Uncharted 4 will be the last game of the franchise but I am also happy at the same time because the developers made sure that this game will bid goodbye on a high note.

Lenovo Vibe Z

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Lenovo has ventured into the mobile phone niche for quite some time now; offering budget-friendly to flagship mobile phones to the consumer market.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about one of their flagship models, the Lenovo Vibe Z. Does this flagship model by Lenovo have enough bells and whistles to woo people into buying this mobile phone? We’ll find out.

The design of the Lenovo Vibe Z looks premium and stylish. The mobile phone is made of durable polycarbonate plastic, which is a lightweight and sturdy plastic usually found on most modern phones. It also has a silver aluminum frame wrapped on the sides of the phone to give it its premium look.

Button placements in the Lenovo Vibe Z are quite peculiar. On the left-hand side of the device lies the volume controls; the right-hand side has the microSIM slot; on the top of the mobile phone lies the 3.5mm headphone jack and the power button, and at the bottom lies the microUSB port for charging and data transferring.

I am not really a fan of the power button being put on the top portion of the device, but I guess it is a pretty common thing in mobile phones nowadays.

The display of the Lenovo Vibe Z is also good. It comes with a 5.5-inch IPS display screen with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 and a pixel count of 401ppi. I am always a sucker for IPS displays because of its great viewing angles and punchy color reproduction. If you’re looking to consume a lot of media on a mobile phone, then the Lenovo Vibe Z’s display is a sure winner.

As for the operating system, the Lenovo Vibe Z comes with the Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. This Android version is commonly found in flagship models of yesteryear, but it is sad to see that Lenovo hasn’t upgraded to the latest Android Marshmallow yet.

Under the hood, you’ll find that the Lenovo Vibe Z has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor clocked at 2.2GHz and it also comes with the Adreno 330 GPU. Also, add to that a good 2GB of system RAM and you’re all good.

Benchmark tests for this mobile phone are actually quite good, but the real-world tests are all that matters. I see no noticeable lag when navigating through all of the mobile phones features. The UI is snappy, the gaming performance is good, and there really is no lag whatsoever with this mobile phone.

For a flagship phone, the Lenovo Vibe Z’s camera isn’t up to par with the competition. It does come with a 13-megapixel rear snapper and a 5-megapixel front camera for those selfies, though.

Some users report that some images captured by the rear camera are a little bit washed out and grainy, but experts think it is because of the camera app that comes with this mobile phone (which Lenovo would hopefully fix in the near future).

And lastly, the Lenovo Vibe Z is equipped with a hefty 3,000 MaH Battery. Lenovo is well-known for its hefty batteries on their mobile phones, and the Lenovo Vibe Z is no different. In fact, you could pretty much use the mobile phone for an entire day without reaching for the phone’s charger.

The Lenovo Vibe Z is a good flagship phone. Despite its lackluster camera, the Lenovo Vibe Z still performs quite well. It has a vibrant screen, a lag-free performance, and a hefty battery life to complement all of that.

If you’re shopping for a good flagship phone that doesn’t break the bank, the Lenovo Vibe Z is a good option.

How to Get the Most Out of your Mobile Phone Signal Booster

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Mobile phone signal boosters are a Godsend and they help amplify signals in your home, office or vehicle. There are a lot of mobile phone signals boosters out there with their intended use and coverage.

Today, I am going to tell you some tips on how you can get the most out of your Mobile phone signal booster. Here are the tops tips:

  1. Identify your Service Provider’s frequency. This is probably one of the most important tips for mobile phone signal boosters. Most people buy signal boosters but they do not know the frequency their Service provider is using. If the frequency of the signal booster does not match the frequency that is used by your mobile phone service provider, then you will not get the benefits of the mobile phone signal booster. Always identify the frequency your Service provider is using then buy the signal booster that supports that frequency.
  2. Opt for Shorter Cables. Most mobile phone signal boosters require you to attach an antenna to a high place, such as the rooftop, for example. But, there are also internal antennas that you need to attach to the base amplifier unit. Opt for shorter cables so that there will be a minimal signal loss. If you are using longer cables, there will be a bigger chance that you will lose signal.
  3. Buy High-Quality Cables. Some mobile phone signal boosters come with very low-quality cables that easily break and they do not bring the most data as possible. If you have to, buy high-quality cables. Some high-quality cables are the RG-6 and the LMR-400.
  4. Considerable Distance between Antennas. Most mobile phone signal boosters come with an external and an internal antenna. Make sure that you separate them with a considerable distance. Some experts say the internal and external antennas should have at least 15ft of separation for maximum effect.
  5. Choosing the Correct Antenna. Mobile phone signal boosters come with 2 commonly used external antennas: the Omni-directional antenna and the Yagi-directional antenna. If your outside signal is very good and you want to get signals from multiple directions, then go for the omni-directional antenna. If, however, your mobile phone signal reception is weak, better opt for the Yagi-directional Antenna. Yagi-Directional antennas get signals from only one source. So, if you install this type of antenna, make sure that you are pointing it towards the direction of your Service provider’s cell tower.
  6. Inline Boosters. If, for some reason, you are not getting boosted signals because you had to use a longer cable, buy an Inline booster. Inline boosters help the mobile phone signal booster’s capacity to amplify signals. Consult your signal booster’s manual and see which inline booster (how many ohms) it supports.

If you are planning to get a mobile phone signal booster soon, these tips will help you get the most out of it. Remember, always choose the signal booster that supports your service provider’s frequency.

Purely Inspired Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss Supplements

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Today, we’re going to take a look at a very interesting weight loss supplement called the Purely Inspired Raspberry Ketones weight-loss supplement. The company’s name, Purely Inspired, fits perfectly for their product. They are inspired to create a weight loss supplement that is not only safe, but also effective as well.

Each capsule contains a concentrated dose of 600mg of Raspberry Ketones. Raspberry Ketones really took off after Dr. Oz featured its weight loss effects in his award-winning show. A lot of supplement manufacturers joined the bandwagon, each of them creating their own unique spin of the Raspberry Ketone.

rapsberryketonesThe Purely Inspired Raspberry Ketones Weight loss supplement also contains Green Coffee Bean extract, for a perfect one-two punch to burn fat more effectively.

To further grasp what the company intends with this product, here is the official product description:

Purely Inspired Raspberry Ketones+ offers 600mg of one of one of the most popular and talked-about ingredients available today – raspberry ketones. Made with 100% pure ingredients you can trust, Purely Inspired Raspberry Ketones+ also delivers 200mg of green coffee bean extract (with 45% chlorogenic acids) to provide a scientifically researched and effective way to help you lose weight as part of your diet and exercise plan.

Scientifically Researched Key Weight Loss Ingredients

Purely Inspired Raspberry Ketones+ has been scientifically dosed with 200mg of green coffee bean extract supplying 45% chlorogenic acids, and is entirely free of proprietary blends. Support your weight loss efforts with green coffee – shown in scientific research to help subjects lose weight – by adding Purely Inspired Raspberry Ketones+ to your diet and exercise plan.

*Average weight loss with the key ingredient (green coffee bean extract) was 10.95 lbs. in a 60-day study with a low-calorie diet. Subjects lost 3.7 lbs. in a separate 8-week study with a calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise.

You Can Trust Every Pure Serving

  • 600mg of raspberry ketones
  • Proven standardized dose of green coffee
  • Green coffee is backed by two scientific weight loss studies*
  • Easy-to-swallow tablets
  • No proprietary blends

No proprietary blends, full disclosure of active ingredients, concentrated dose of every ingredient, the Purely Inspired Raspberry Ketones weight loss Supplement looks really promising. But, does it really translate to real world success? Let’s look at some of the customer reviews:

Katie: “Just bought three bottles. I take 2 a day in the morning. I feel like it helps. I like the smell and because of that, they are easy to swallow even though they are a good size. Long term, I don’t know the results yet. But anything that can contribute to weight loss and are healthy, I’m all for them!”

Gail: “It hasn’t been two weeks and I’m loving the results. At this rate I’ll be down a size within 30 days. I don’t workout but I will be adding a routine within the next few days to maximize my weight loss. I snack between meals but they are healthy snacks! The only thing I have changed in my eating is that I have lowered my intake of processed foods and drink as much lemon water my body can withstand. I don’t pay attention to the numbers on the scale I look at how my clothes are fitting me and I have a pair of jeans that I look forward to getting in and I am sure that I will be in them by the end of my second month!”

The Purely Inspired Raspberry Ketones truly delivers what they said they would deliver, and with a price tag of only $3.54, you get an effective weight-loss combo of Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean extract in one capsule!

Is HCG Really effective for weight loss?

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HCG is also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG Injections have increased in popularity among those that are weight conscious and trying to lose weight. It is also very effective in helping both men and women lose weight successfully and keeping it off. But many people are still wondering if this is true.

This topic has been going around social media, in blogs, on forums and many websites for a long time now. It would seem that everyone has something to say about HCG and its effects on weight loss. While it is important to take note of what other people has to say before trying something for yourself, when it involves your body and your health you need legitimate facts. With that being said, you will be very surprised by what HCG injections are designed to do.

HCG Injections for Weight Loss

HCG injections are safe to use. However, it is important that you follow the instructions on how to use them. Also, if you have a certain health condition, you will not be able to take HGC Injections. For this reason, it is recommended that you first seek advice from your doctor before taking HCG.

HCG injections can be used by both men and women. HCG Injections have been proven to deliver optimum results for many individuals.

HCG is a natural part of our health. It is important for healthy sperm count, ovulation, metabolism, and several other health benefits. HCG injections are intended to work as a booster to your current metabolism. The concept regarding these injections is that when you follow a suitable HCG injection plan, you will manage to eat less. Furthermore, you won’t feel the desire to overeat or snack. As a result, when taking HCG injections with a correct diet, you will be absolutely surprised by how effective the results will be. It isn’t surprising that you will notice results in just a small period of time.

When using HCG Injections for weight loss, it helps by burning fat, while still maintaining strong muscles. Although there is no reason for you to follow a strict workout plan on this diet, you will still notice results in only a short amount of time. The best part of taking HCG Injections for weight loss is the fact that you can take them in the comfort of your own home. Provided that you received the correct instructions and take HCG Injections as recommended, you can safely use HCG Injections without the need to ever have to visit your local clinic.

Modding your Nintendo DS with the r4 card

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It is no secret that a Nintendo DS can do a lot of things when you first open it up. It can record your voice, take pictures, be one of the best gaming devices available, and even play Game Boy Advanced Games. However, with relatively little effort and an awesome guide, you can do much more. Ever wanted to watch movies on your DS? Ever thought the DS was the perfect device for reading on? Want to turn your DS into a music library? All this is possible, so lets figure out how!



1. Getting Your Hands on an R4 Card


The first step is getting your hands on an R4 card. Thankfully, R4 cards are not illegal and can be purchased from many trustworthy websites. The best thing to do if you are uncertain who you should purchase from is to see what other people use and follow their lead.



2. Update the R4 Card


Once your R4 card arrives, the first thing you will have to do is update the R4 Card firmware. This means you will have to find where the firmware is online and download it prior to plugging your R4 card into your computer. This can be relatively easy, especially if the company you bought the R4 card from keeps a link to the latest firmware. With any luck, finding and downloading will not take any more then a few minutes.



3. Connecting the R4 Card to Your Computer


After you have the most up to date firmware available, connect the R4 Card to your computer via the mini USB connecter that comes with the card. In addition, update the micro SD card.


4. Unpack the Contents of the Firmware


This instruction basically speaks for itself. You need to unpack the content of the firmware into the microSD card. Look for the root directory and unpack there.



5. Connect Everything to Your DS


Now you will need to plug in both the R4 Card and the microSD card into the Nintendo DS. It may take several attempts to figure out how to do this the best way.


6. Turn it On And See If It Works


With everything ready and set, all that is left is turning it on and seeing if it works. With any luck, the warning screen will come up, and then quickly switch to the R4 screen.



7. See What Is Out There!


With everything figured out, the DS is now yours. Search for some cool programs and increase your DS’s utility!